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It is with great pleasure I am able to write this review for Danny Cosby’s new CD BUNK 51. Danny has a uniquely blessed voice that is both soulful and igniting that projects a sound that clearly defines how a voice connects with a heart. Through each track on the CD there is something for everyone whether that comes in the form of the message or the melody. Its not often you get a CD where every track leaves you wanting more. That’s what you get with BUNK 51. With cuts like What if God Came Back or This Time, listeners will be drawn in to the tapestry of not only the richness of the music but the lyrics of a life journey to be shared. Do yourself a favor and grab your copy of BUNK 51. If you are looking for a fresh and promising new artist that is able to deliver consistently on each track,Danny Cosby will not disappoint.
Karri Ward
Executive Producer
No Greater Love Music Festival

Many documentaries, interviews, and television segments have featured local minister Danny Cosby.  But these pieces haven’t focused on his music; it’s been about his journey through life, now that journey has a soundtrack.

“Bunk 51” is a personal title for Cosby.

Having spent over four years incarcerated, Bunk 51 was once home to Danny Cosby.  We’ve all heard stories of drug addiction, many without a
happy ending. Thankfully, Danny is living that happy ending.

After many years sober, happily married, and sharing his message to anyone who will listen, Danny is making peace with his past and working to help others battle their own demons.  “Bunk 51” is a testament to that.

“I’m just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, about somebody, that can save anybody.” That personal quote from Cosby has become his mission statement.

First and foremost, “Bunk 51” is some of the most personal and intimate songwriting for a local songwriter. These songs discuss a personal relationship between a once-broken man and a Higher power.  But, thanks to Cosby’s determination to help anyone who will listen, he shares these thoughts with the whole world.

While the album is Christian contemporary, you can hear elements of Memphis soul, gospel, and rock in his vocal style.  Full disclosure, I’ve heard these songs months ago when they were still just Cosby and his guitar.  But now, they are complete.  Rich vocal harmonies, masterful drum work, and smoothly blended guitars provide a pleasant sonic experience.

Highlights of this collection of songs include “Hopeless,” which is provides the rawest songwriting, if you understand the backstory.  “Hopeless” was written in a truly hopeless situation; Danny’s time in prison.  If you ask him about his experience, he’ll tell you “I was only serving God in order to get something.” (Heroin Jesus documentary).  “Hopeless” is a testament to someone who’s understanding his spirituality for the right reasons.

Another favorite track is “I Believe.”  While the opening of the song might remind you of the opening to The Lion King (it did for me at least), the driving guitars rhythm matched with ethereal-like vocals provide an amazing Gospel sound with the right amount of rock.
Justin Jaggers
Angry Nerd Production


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